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Tropical Beach
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The world's highest amount          of coconut meat!




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it's that good

✓ Made from REAL coconut meat.

 Pleasantly sweet, No added sugar.

✓ Rich in Keto-friendly MCT.

✓ Vegan, Gluten free, No trans fat.​

 No gums (gelling agents) added.

✓ No preservatives.

Coconut Shake

it's time for a

tropical party...

There’s nothing quite like coconut milk as a cocktail ingredient.

It brings a creamy body and a tropical vibe to drinks of all kinds, and it’s natural to pair with rum or vodka.

That's why we've created the world's #1 premium coconut milk cocktails.

To get that perfectly REAL tropical taste, we've kept all those artificial tastes out, and added 60% more coconut meat than regular drinks.

Made from the finest coconuts grown in the lush plains of the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, wonder truly lives up to its name, making every sip a tropical celebration.

This is not just a cocktail, it is more of a tropical vacation in a can!


mixed 6 pack


Packed with Health

Our drinks are full of coconut MCT fatty acids, which can help in the process of burning excess calorie and reducing food intake.

MCT oil isn’t like most other oils. The structure of atoms and molecules in MCT oil provides more benefits, and might be considered “healthier.”

MCT fatty acids are easily absorbed by the human body, don’t have to be digested, and they’re not stored as fat. They go straight to the liver, where they provide extra fat that can be turned into ketones critical to the keto diet.

MCTs have been shown to reduce appetite and make people feel fuller - both are good things, obviously, when you’re trying to eat less and lose weight.

MCT oil is believed to provide many more health benefits than other types of oil.


Studies also suggest that these easily-digestible fats have a wealth of health benefits. They have anti-microbial properties and anti-bacterial properties, which helps boost the immune system, may improve liver health and fight heart disease, could be an effective treatment for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and promote mental clarity while improving brain function and health.

Coconut milk benefits

  • Rich in MCT oil and Lauric acid which helps keto diet.

  • Boosts energy levels and encourages more efficient fat-burning.

  • Has anti-bacterial properties.

  • Increases nutrient absorption of vitamins like Vitamin D, A & E.

  • Improves bone health.

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