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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Paradise in every sip

When you think of coconut water, you may think of clear blue skies over sandy tropical beaches...

and that's exactly where you'll be taken with wonder's sweet coconut water drinks.

Coconut water is not just a drink.

It's a taste of paradise.

It’s the perfect way to cool down and refresh, offering a delicious escape to the tropics with every sip.


Sweet - no added sugar

We've added a pleasantly natural sweetness to our pure coconut water, with zero aftertaste.

Then, we decided to make things even better, and mixed it with real juice.

So we have it all - and a bit more.

The rest, well,

that's up to you to discover...

 From 100% pure coconut water.

 Sweet - No added sugar.

 Real juice added.

 Super unique flavors.

✓ Available in mixed 6 pack.

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Sweet Coconut Water Watermelon
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